The 15 Best Free Things to Do in Nevada!

Traveling can get expensive! Finding fun and free activities while traveling makes any vacation better. Nevada welcomes visitors with some of the most unique experiences and sites in the country. While you can find some activities within the state to be costly, there are also a wide range of adventures that are absolutely free. Enjoy a few of our top 15 picks for the best free things to see and do in Nevada.

1. Fremont Experience and the Viva Vision Light Show, Las Vegas, NV

The canopy over Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas turns into a magical backdrop for a huge open air light show everyday of the year. A combination of music and lasers, the show is usually complimented by traditional Showgirls taking pictures with guest and street performers. This is a fun experience for first time visitors to Las Vegas who want to venture off Strip.

2. Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite is a real 1905 ghost town with a bit of a twist. Beyond the buildings that have been used as a Hollywood movie set, there is an eerie collection of odd outdoor art that leaves many visitors scratching their heads. The bottle house is something legends are made of. A drive out to this far off spot is worth an afternoon exploring the art and looking for a ghost or two.

3. Area 51

While we can neither confirm nor deny the activities occurring at Area 51, a visit there may just give you a view of something from out of this world literally. Urban legends, history and a little bit of science fiction collide to form the public opinion of just what is still going on at Area 51. A visit to the black mailbox is a must for any UFO fanatic.

4. Learn a new table game

Many of the local casinos in Las Vegas offer free lessons for those wanting to learn to play one of their games. This is a fun and free introduction to some of the very confusing or complicated games you see in the major casinos.

5. Catch a local music act

While there are some pricey shows on the Las Vegas strip, many hotels offer small venue acts in free shows. Explore local talent in a free show and dance the night away. Whether you are looking for live music or a DJ, there is something for everyone.

6. Visit the Praying Mantis

Container Park in downtown Las Vegas has one permanent art exhibit that is fun to check out at night, the huge fire breathing Praying Mantis. On many night the park also offers free outdoor concerts or other entertainment.

7. Selfie at the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign

This iconic sign and the required selfies are a must do for first time visitors and anyone coming to Sin City to celebrate something. Take as many pictures as you like, they are free!  

8. Truckee River Whitewater Park, Reno, NV

A set of whitewater rapids running through this park gives visitors a challenge to overcome. The use of the water course is free and challenges rafters of a variety of skill levels. Kayakers and tubers share the multi-use spot and there is even room for fishing in a deep water pool.

9. Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway

Explore part or all of this 116 mile long network of bike trails. The scenic ride travels between Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River.

10. Laugh your way through a free comedy show

Each Friday night just after midnight local comics gather to share their craft with a more adult crowd. The Dirty at 12:30 show is known for raunchy laughs that are worth the ticket price, which is free!

11. Visit the Atomic Survival Town

As a part of “Operation Teacup” in the Yucca Flats, the U.S. government built an entire fake town for the purpose of destroying it during atomic testing. Much of the site still stands and the creepy history of the small town where only plastic mannequins families lived in a throw back to the 1950s.

12. The World's Largest Permanent Circus

Circus Circus in Las Vegas hosts the World's Largest Permanent Circus and starting daily at 11 a.m. they perform for free. The entertainment includes some of the best staples of the circus with the trapeze, clowns, jugglers and more. This is the most family friendly casino on the strip where you can also find plenty to do on the midway.

13. Study nature at Cathedral Gorge State Park

To say the views at Cathedral Gorge State Park are breathtaking is an understatement. The hiking trails give visitors a unique view of the ever changing landscape as erosion continues to shape the pliable stone. Be sure to bring a camera, you will want to share these images.

14. Attend the World's Largest Free Hot-air Balloon Event

Reno hosts this weekend event each September and it has grown into the largest free collection of hot-air balloon activities in the world. The skies over Reno are taken over by balloons in every shape and color with plenty of exciting moments to see as they race over the desert.

15. Experience the paranormal and natural beauty of Pyramid Lake

This gorgeous spot is home to the largest natural lake in the state and the subject of many urban legends about creepy hauntings and lives lost in the lake. There are rumors of creatures including mermaids and the soles of young native children haunting the shores.

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