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Central Nevada Museum

Central Nevada Museum
1900 Logan Field Road

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The Central Nevada Museum occupies a unique place in the retelling of the annals of the West. The famous, not so famous, and infamous, all left their mark in central Nevada: film mogul and industrial magnate, Howard Hughes; prizefighting promoter,George "Tex" Rickard (who built Madison Square Garden); the founder of United Parcel Service (UPS), Jim Casey; lawmen, Wyatt and Virgil Earp; the last woman to be executed in California, Barbara Graham; the first to find silver in Tonopah, Jim Butler and many others are represented at the Central Nevada Museum.

Our rich history, which includes mining, ranching and pioneer life, the influence of the Western Shoshone, who were here before us, is presented in our state-of-the-art museum. In addition, we explore and present the geology and plant life of this region.

We desire to spark children's interest in history, as well as adults; some of who have never set foot in a museum before. We are an integral part of the community and introduce newcomers to our part of the world, which extends to Nye and Esmeralda counties and their surrounding areas.

We are very restricted by our small staff, which can only be in so many places at once - wearing only so many hats at one time. Yes, we struggle like any other small museum. Vision isn't the problem; it's time and staffing! So much to be done!

We are quite pleased with what we have been accomplishing so far. CNM has a wonderful, constantly-growing, research library which will soon be accessible online for all researchers (which translates to everyone that's curious about a subject or person in our area). We have an extensive map and photo collection for browsing or locating something specific, as well as terrific displays inside and out. We enjoy interacting with schoolchildren and tour groups in addition to individual visitors.

We respond to research inquiries and invite you to use our research facilities. You can easily contribute to the preservation of our history by becoming a member of CNHS, which entitles you to: one historic photograph with descriptive caption, one issue of our annual publication,  "Central Nevada's Glorious Past" and a 10% discount in the CNHS Gift Shop (when visiting the museum).In addition, "Life Members" receive a commemorative plaque. Membership rates are contained in the application blank. Please feel free to request additional information by phone, mail or e-mail. We hope you'll join us here in Tonopah for our continuing adventures in the high desert of Central Nevada!

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