The 10 Best Live Theater Venues in Nevada!

Las Vegas is known for hosting some pretty amazing shows, but live action in Nevada goes far beyond the typical flashy acts. The state is home to some pretty amazing and unique venues for catching classic and modern plays, musicals, or other form of performance art. The next time you are in the mood to explore a little culture, buy tickets to a show at one of our top 10 picks of theaters in Nevada.

1. Good Luck Macbeth, Reno, NV

This small, black box theater represents everything good about local theater. They are the heart of midtown Reno and offer both the classics and original acts that are just a bit outside of the box. The heart of this non-profit and their commitment to the arts keeps theater vibrant for locals.

2. Reno Little Theater, Reno, NV

Community theater at it's best. This small venue hosts everything from theater camps for school-aged kids, to local festivals, and everything in between. They focus on offering locals the chance to showcase their talents whether they want to act in a classic play, see their own work on stage or take in an act from the front row.

3. Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, Reno, NV

When Broadway type shows travel to Reno, this is where to find them. The locals call this large theater “The Dome” and it hosts a full range of shows and events. This may include both traveling and local theater productions as well as dance, music and all things creative.

4. Western Nevada Performing Arts Center, Carson City, NV

WNPAC is the center of all things performing arts in Carson City. They theater arrangements make this a wonderful spot to enjoy live local artists. The schedule has so much variety that many find themselves making it a regular part of their routine.

5. Smith Center, Las Vegas, NV

When Broadway travels to Las Vegas, this is where you will find the professional traveling tours. The location is breathtaking and the building design adds to the overall theater experience. Don't let the exterior fool you, everything inside including the sound system is state of the art.

6. Lowden Theater, Las Vegas, NV

The Lowden is the best place in Las Vegas to see young talent. They are connected to the local performing arts school and host a variety of student productions. These young actors put everything they have in to each play, it is well worth seeing.

7. Horn Theater, Las Vegas, NV

Horn Theater is part of the CSN campus, and this makes it a center for experimental theater and student productions. This is also a prime example of community theater and they host many classic shows as well as student showcases.

8. Western Nevada Musical Theater Company, Carson City, NV

Sometimes when you focus on what you do best, the outcomes are just amazing. This is the case with this theater the hosts the best of musical theater. Carson City is lucky to have this gem of pure theater magic as they host some of the best traveling musicals around.

9. UNLV Performing Arts Center, Las Vegas, NV

The PAC at UNLV is the go to place for college productions in Vegas. These are passionate, budding artists looking for their moment to share the spotlight. The program attracts students from all over the country so the range of talents makes each show worth the price of the ticket.

10. Super Summer Theatre, Blue Diamond, NV

Located at Spring Mountain Ranch, all of the performances at Super Summer Theatre take place outdoors. The mission of the theatre is to “promote the use of Nevada state parks by providing quality, family-oriented, and reasonably-priced outdoor cultural entertainment to the community including theatrical arts educational opportunities.” Past performances include “Tarzan,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Peter Pan,” and the “Sound of Music.” 

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