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Virgin Valley Heritage Museum

Virgin Valley Heritage Museum
35 West Mesquite Boulevard

The Virgin Valley Heritage Museum sits as a tribute to the early pioneer settlers of the Virgin Valley.  Rich with a deep pioneer heritage full of strength, devotion, hardships, sacrifice, and hope, the museum helps visitors to  not only understand the pioneer way of life but helps them to connect with the very pioneers that settled this great valley.
The original purpose of the building was to serve the community as a library and museum.  It served as the Mesquite branch of the Clark County Library for about a year.  The town then made the decision that a medical facility was needed more than a library.  With the $35 donation from each family in town, Dr. Gilbert and Bertha Howe, a registered nurse, went to Las Vegas and bought the medical supplies necessary to open the hospital. The library building was then converted and used as the hospital and only medical facility in town until 1977.  After being closed for a few years, it was used as a Boy Scout meeting hall.  In 1984, the newly incorporated City of Mesquite reclaimed it and designated it a museum to house the historical treasures of the Virgin Valley.
Please visit the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum to experience a taste of the rich pioneer heritage that makes up this great area.

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