Nevada Northern Railway Museum

1100 Avenue A

Ely was named in honor of Smith Ely, president of the Selby Copper Mining & Smelting Co.; which was founded on the site of the present Ely's City Hall in 1878. By 1902 extensive copper deposits were found in the area. Mark Requa, son of a wealthy Comstock silver magnate, owned the Eureka & Palisade Railroad, a narrow gauge in Eureka. Requa was interested in bolstering the sagging economy of the E&P and explored the local copper properties at Ely. He organized the White Pine Copper Company - constructing a route that would require 140 miles of track construction. In 1904 White Pine Copper Co. merged into other mining properties and organized as the Nevada Consolidated Copper Co. ( NCCCo)


Cheryl Christensen

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

LOVED my visit to Nevada Northern Railway! I signed up to "be the Engineer" and made the trip to Ely, Nevada. What an amazing opportunity. All the people at the museum were so nice and took great care of my husband and I. Thank you! To the crew at Nevada Northern for sharing Engine 40 with us. She is such an amazing piece of history. Thank you for your efforts to preserve such a neat piece of rail road history. I'm star struck by her! We also did the "Star Train" so fun! And the ride up to Keystone with a history narrative. Enjoyed all of it! Planning to go back in October to experience the Haunted Train with my nieces & nephews. I would highly suggest you plan this into your calendar. What a great experience!!!

Joni Zander

Sunday, Sep. 3, 2017

What a great museum! I learned about it by hearing the train whistle from the park in Ely. Since a steam engine whistle is so distinctive I did a quick Google search. I went on the self-guided tour, the guided tour of the shop, and rode the excursion train. It was all fabulous. The train ride was so fun with the owner dressed in a suit from back in the day telling us the history of the area and the major roll the train had. Highly recommended.

Uday Maripalli

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017

A must visit if you are in Ely. This is a great stop for people of all ages. A visit to this place will take you back in time. We stayed in the Caboose but they were nice enough to offer us a room in the bunk house considering the cold weather conditions. The caboose is nothing fancy but it is a REAL working caboose. It will be a dream come true for train lovers and geeks.

Sullen Maximus

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Literally one of the best historic steam railroad experiences you will find. The train ride is one of the most extensive ones you will have with plenty of additional options to add on should you choose. I highly recommend the ride with the engineers ticket as it's an experience you won't find anywhere else. The only downside is the limit to two people. Also bring a bandana to breathe in the tunnels if riding up front. Tour guide is every extensive as well. Recommend checking out the upper level of the museum where you will find original documentation free to look through including 100 year old payroll books, and original train blueprints. I cannot recommend this place enough and is a great stop while passing through, or camping nearby.

Paul Smith

Monday, Aug. 14, 2017

Did the "Be an Engineer" experience this past weekend and had an absolutely great time. As others have noted: all of the staff and volunteers are extremely friendly, helpful, and it's obvious they are passionate about what they do. We opted for the caboose as overnight accommodation. Be aware that this is more like sleeping in an unfinished cabin than a B&B: light by electric lanterns, no running water, bathrooms and showers in the nearby bunkhouse. That said, it was clean, well-maintained, and the cots were more comfortable than initially expected. Driving the old steam locomotive was a complete blast and provides a much greater appreciation for how much work and skill were required to build and operate these mechanical marvels. Highly recommended.