The 12 Best Activities for College Students in Nevada!

The activities available for college students in Nevada are as diverse as the contrast between the desert landscapes and the big cities. From skydiving high above Vegas, to ghost hunting, to the most famous festivals on earth, take your pick! There are plenty of unforgettable experiences to be had across the state. Explore this list of 12 activities for college students across Nevada.

Alternative Spring Break at Gold Butte National Monument

Friends of the Nevada Wilderness offers a once in a lifetime chance for college students to spend their Spring Break camping and volunteering in the high desert of Nevada. The focus of the week long trip is  conservation efforts tied to desert habitat for native species.

InterACT at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

This summer festival is a fun break for English majors and those who enjoy the combination of some classic theater with some amazing scenery. Beyond the focus on enjoying the best of Shakespeare in the outdoors, the festival offers special InterACT workshops for students.

Experience Burning Man

The college years are the perfect time to dive into the experience that is Burning Man. This summer event transforms an out of the way piece of the Nevada desert into a living, breathing city of dreamers. It is literally it's own world and many younger party goers make attending the event a long standing tradition.

Study “gaming law” in a one of a kind program

For students wanting to get a first hand understanding of the legalities behind the gaming world of Sin City, attending the one of a kind program at the Universiy of Nevada Las Vegas is an obvious choice. This is the program for anyone to combine a legal career with the faced paced Vegas life style.

Cruise Lake Mead

Lake Mead is the go to spot for many college students. The view from the shore is nice, but it does not compare to the views from a guided cruise tour of the lake.

Skydive Las Vegas

Catch the most unique view of the desert and the Las Vegas as you jump out of a plane! A free fall to Earth is an adventurous way to quickly tour the best of the desert landscape.

Win a poker tournament

Poker players find their paradise in Las Vegas. Whether you come to one of the bigger tournaments or catch a daily schedule play, there is always money to be won at just about any hotel on the Strip. There are even college students both local and from outside of the area that pay for college via their winnings from tournaments.

Tackle the rapids during the Reno River Festival

For those ready to take on the challenge of the white water rapids, the Reno River Festival is the place to be. The competition on race day is intense but the music and food afterwards in one of the best parties of the year.

Explore Wild Island

This wild water park is a much needed oasis during the summer heat. Between the water slides, waves and midway activities like go carts there is something for everyone. This is a prime “hang-out” for young adults and college students during breaks and over the summer.

Brave the extreme rides of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the place to go for extreme rides in Nevada. Between the SkyJump from the top of the Stratosphere to the wide range of coasters, there are plenty of hair raising rides for the brave at heart.

Try your hand at screenwriting

Each year the Nevada Film Festival hosts a screenplay contest. This is a chance to budding writers to turn in their best work with the hope being a win of course. The festival also showcases local artists and indy films in a variety of showings.

Ghost hunt in Goodsprings

Investigate the Pioneer Saloon with a real life ghost hunter. Explore a mining town and see what almost 100 years of history looks like as you try to connect with several spirits said to still walk the halls of the Pioneer Saloon. Count the bullet holes in the walls as you gather EVPs in hopes of catching something you can not explain otherwise.

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