The 10 Best Hot Dog Joints in Nevada!

You don't get much more American than a good old-fashioned hot dog. And Nevada is the home of some of the best, most creatively crafted hot dogs around. Explore one of our top 10 picks the next time you get that urge for a great frank. You might be surprised at the variety and gourmet options from the most unlikely of places.

1. Sinbad's Hot Dogs, Sparks, NV

Locals will tell you there is no better place for a really great hot dog than Sinbad's. Between the high quality ingredients and the welcoming staff, customers keep coming back for more. The menu tends to be pretty simple but when you do things right there is no need for anything else.

2. American Coney Island, Las Vegas, NV

The flagship store opened in 1917 in Detroit, Michigan. New to Las Vegas this hot dog haven has become a local favorite with comfort food and nostalgia. The chili dog is the go to choice for first timers. So many people love their dogs that by popular demand the business started selling kits that can be mailed anywhere!

3. Bam! Dog Righteous Hot Dogs, Reno, NV

East Coast flair meets California fun with this quirky take on the hot dog. Fresh ingredients one might not expect on a traditional dish are what sets this place apart. They are the gourmet dog choice for Reno.

4. Windy City Beef-N-Dogs, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas locals love the fact they no longer need to fly to Chicago to get a taste of the windy city. These beef dogs are served just like they would be in their namesake city, small touches like the Vienna poppy seed buns and of course the sport peppers make each dish memorable. The “Double-Play” transports you back the local ball park to enjoy this treat.

5. Cheffini's Hot Dogs, Las Vegas, NV

With a humble start of one small cart in 2010, business has expanded to include a funky location at Container Park. A set of long time friends set out to give Vegas the best hot dog experience they could and the rest is history. Between the beef, turkey or vegan dogs there is something for everyone. You can expect radical toppings like wine sauce, crushed potato chips and even an egg.

6. Great Links Brewhouse & Grill, Las Vegas, NV

Everything at this little local spot is hand made and the quality shines through. The kielbasa is something legends are made of and if a local actually tells you about this place consider yourself lucky. It's a secret many don't share, it's that good!

7. Dog Haus, Las Vegas, NV

This Las Vegas favorite takes gourmet dogs to the next level. Their ingredients are high quality and the wurst are the best. They also make a mean organic burger. The menu often gives customers something new to try but the wursts are what keeps them coming back.

8. Buldogis, Las Vegas, NV

Asian influence meats only the highest quality dogs in this new approach to the hot dog. Between the store front and a food truck they “unleash” for events, you can find their unique dogs all over the city. Ask for you dog “Gangnam style,” you won't believe the taste explosion.

9. Haute Doggery, Las Vegas, NV

Haute Doggery turns the classic hot dog into an artform. They are well known for high quality ingredients and dishes that push the boundaries of what most people see as being the classic hot dog comfort food. Imagine the experience of their “Billionare Dog” with truffle mayo and foie gras torchon.

10. Lucky Dawg, Reno, NV

This hot dog cart with the bright yellow umbrellas has become a true symbol of Reno. For the last eight years they have brought the classic New York street dog to adoring fans in Reno. Their dogs are 100 percent beef, skin on so they have that “snap” you normally only find in NYC.

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